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This Mask-Proof Lip Stain Is Exactly What I’ve Been Looking For

This Mask-Proof Lip Stain Is Exactly What I’ve Been Looking For

First up, the shades. Honestly, I was more concerned with how the formula held up but I was actually most impressed by the 6 colours. This is probably the first product range where all of the shades have suited my dark skin tone. Even the Hot Pink. There’s usually, always a dud for me and I was pretty shocked that they all worked. 

When I applied the stain with the doe-foot applicator, it felt like all I had on my lips was water. It dried quickly and I was left with the coveted ice-lolly stained lips that everyone seems to want to replicate. 

Of course, the real test came when I popped my face mask on and headed out. When I came home I was pleasantly surprised to find that the pigment was still on my lips but there wasn’t a hint of it on my mask. It was also really comfortable to wear too and I’ll be opting for this instead of a liquid lipstick. 

It’s probably kiss-proof but as I have no-one to test this on, I’ll leave you to go forth and report back on that front. 

Keep scrolling for the other ABH buys that I keep in my makeup bag.

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