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Sopranos Actor Says James Gandolfini Loved Green Day’s Dookie

Sopranos Actor Says James Gandolfini Loved Green Day’s Dookie

James Gandolfini was a big Green Day fan. Surprised? Don’t be.

According to Michael Imperioli — who played Christopher Moltisanti opposite Gandolfini’s Tony Soprano on the HBO mob drama — detailed the late actor’s on-set listening habits in the comments of a recent Instagram post, as Stereogum reports. And Dookie, the band’s 1994 alt-punk classic, was apparently a staple for the venerated Emmy winner.

The posted photo shows the two actors at a 2005 fundraiser, with Gandolfini signing an electric guitar. Fittingly, someone in the comments asked about the star’s music taste, and Imperioli replied, “Green Day,” adding, “he would play the vinyl of dookie in his trailer at work. Totally serious.”

He added, “no joke. He loved Green Day.” Just imagine what it was like on set.

Imperioli is the singer and guitarist of his own New York-based rock act, Zopa. He recently joined Instagram, where he’s been shouting out some of his favorite artists, including Fugazi, Blonde Redhead, Big Thief, and Husker Du.

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