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Realising Abundant Connectivity through Open Access Fibre

Realising Abundant Connectivity through Open Access Fibre

The concept of open access (OA) business model is here to stay. It provides the most effective way of driving competition between internet service providers (ISPs) while giving customers the freedom of choice at affordable rates.

Under an open access model, the fibre network operator (FNO) provides an infrastructure that can be used by any number of licensed ISPs. This creates a clear distinction between the responsibilities of both parties. The roll-out and maintenance of the physical infrastructure, for example, the fibre cables, are the domain of the FNO. The ISPs, in turn, are responsible for the value-added services offered on top of that, i.e. the internet access sold to the customer.

It is also why many operators in smaller towns are still clinging to a traditional approach that sees them providing both infrastructure and connectivity to customers. For them, it is about capturing an entire community from both FNO and ISP perspectives to eliminate any potential for competition. The implication of this is that things like customer service and product innovation will often fall by the wayside.

The carrot they dangle in front of consumers and businesses clamouring for abundant, reliable, high-speed connectivity, is low rates. But once customers are on the network, there is little stopping the FNO/ISP from incrementally increasing prices leaving users with no choice but to keep on paying due to a lack of competition.

Connecting South Africa

Because open access is becoming a more common methodology, we see that larger FNOs may consolidate the smaller FNOs in time. The larger businesses will continue to roll out infrastructure throughout the country and will engage more with the ISPs servicing towns in remote areas.

But this will not come without challenges. By taking fibre infrastructure out of the equation, a smaller ISP must now focus on expanding into other areas. So, while some might have only delivered wireless services due to a lack of fibre infrastructure, this is about to change requiring a rethink about their service offering.

Ultimately, the focus remains on delivering reliable connectivity to as many South Africans as possible. Larger FNOs are investing heavily in this infrastructure and using open access as their go-to-market strategy. To this end, we encourage ISPs to partner with those FNOs who have embraced open access and provide a more compelling value proposition to customers.

By Shane Chorley, Head of Sales at Frogfoot Networks

Edited by Jenna Delport

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