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METALLICA’s ‘One’ Reimagined By Orchestra

METALLICA’s ‘One’ Reimagined By Orchestra
METALLICA's 'One' Reimagined By Orchestra

What would happen if you took “…And Justice For All”, the iconic 1988 album from thrash metal pioneers METALLICA, and reimagined it for a classical orchestra? Add to that four emerging jazz and soul vocalists. You’re left with one of the most intriguing interpretations of rock material ever recorded. Brought to you by LITTLE KRUTA, featuring a band comprised entirely of women, “Justice” will forever change the way you perceive METALLICA, classical music, and what an audiophile recording can be.

On “Justice”, LITTLE KRUTA — consisting of Kristine Kruta (musical director and cello), Maria Im (concert mistress and violin), Katie Jacoby (violin and soloist), Chiara Fasi (violin), Molly Fletcher (violin), Laura Sacks (viola), Tia Allen (viola), Adi Meyerson (upright bass), and Rosie Slater (percussion) — are joined with sensational vocalists Alita Moses, Camille Trust, Lauren Desberg, and Jenn Mundia — each joining for two songs.

Recorded in a single day in a decomissioned Brooklyn church, the Pierre Piscitelli arrangements of the beloved thrash melodies are completely transformed into moving pieces that will speak to fans of all genres. “Justice” features a fascinating blend of musical styles, influences, and personalities.

LITTLE KRUTA‘s music video for “One”, featuring Alita Moses on lead vocals, can be seen below.

“Justice” recording credits:

Kristine Kruta (cello)

Maria Im (violin)

Katie Jacoby (violin)

Chiara Fasi (violin)

Molly Fletcher (violin)

Laura Sacks (viola)

Tia Allen (viola)

Adi Meyerson (upright bass)

Rosie Slater (percussion)

Camille Trust (vocals)

Alita Moses (vocals)

Jenn Mundia (vocals)

Lauren Desberg (vocals)

Pierre Piscitelli (arranger)

Produced by: David Chesky

Executive Producer: Norman Chesky

Recorded, edited, and mastered by Nicholas Prout

Second Engineer: Sean Kelly

Assistant Engineer: Ashley Marrero

General Assistant: Danazah Provet, Annie Klein

A&R: Jeff Lanier

Recorded June 19, 2019 at The Hirsch Center, Brooklyn, New York

Photo credit: Radhika Chalasani

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