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Katsina urges villagers to expose fleeing bandits

Katsina urges villagers to expose fleeing bandits

Katsina has called on villagers and rural dwellers to expose fleeing bandits and their informants to quickly end the spate of banditry attacks in some parts of the state.

The Special Adviser to Governor Aminu Masari on Security Matters, Ahmad Katsina, told newsmen the ongoing bombardment of the forests by the joint security operatives has forced a few of the remnants of the bandits who escaped to seek refuge amongst villagers.

He appealed to communities to be courageous enough in reporting such suspected movements to security agencies for prompt actions.

According to him: “Fighting banditry should be a collective effort between the citizens and the security forces, the security forces without the collaboration of the citizens, would find it difficult, so the best approach is the collaboration, that is what community policing is all about.

”Since members of the community know most of these bandits and their informants, what is required of them is to partner with the security forces and expose them and this is the surest way to eradicate the menace, so without the community support, winning this war cannot be easy but with community support winning it will be very easy.”

He added: ”So, I am imploring the members of the community to appreciate the effort of the security agencies and provide them with necessary information that will help in solving this problem.”

He also maintained the villagers should channel reports through their community leaders and heads rather than leaving their areas and come to Katsina.

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