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Jeta Amata again bemoans ex-wife’s disappearance

Jeta Amata again bemoans ex-wife’s disappearance
A friend of Nollywood actress, Mbong Amata, has urged everyone to ignore the claims by her ex-husband, Jeta Amata, about her being missing.

Nollywood filmmaker, Jeta Amata, has continued to express concern concerning the whereabouts of his ex-wife, Mbong.

The filmmaker took to his Instagram page on Thursday to express some worry at Mbong’s disappearance.

He also uploaded screenshots of the last chat conversation he had with the actress before her “disappearance.”

He wrote: “I wonder when you all would realize how serious this is. See my last conversation with Mbong. She has not been seen. I suspected late last year and insisted on hearing her voice. That’s when she went dark. We weren’t quarrelling before.

“I invited her mother to Abuja to see Veno and she lied and came with policemen. Veno opened the door. She’s been trying to kidnap her since. When her other daughter was pregnant as a teenager, her husband drove them out. They came to me. Then he and the uncle called me asking me to send them packing.

“They both warned me. I didn’t listen. Today the boy is beautiful and the mother is a doctor. Yet, those are the two people working with the mother to kidnap my daughter. Her husband asked me to listen to her.”

Amata also called out Mbong’s family saying that they might have questions to answer about her whereabouts.

He wrote: “They don’t realize the world is watching. When Veno gets pregnant at 14-16, which she will, who would you run to? My daughter just made straight As this semester, and you want to take her and raise her like you’ve raised your own. Beat her every day like you did yours. Then have old men around her.

”None of you have bought Veno any gifts in about 6 years. No calls, no happy birthday, no merry Christmas. I’m the one always looking. I have a hearing in court on June 28, thank God the courts know what’s going on.”

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