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ILLENIUM Drove to the Homes of Random Fans to Give Them a USB With an Unreleased Song

ILLENIUM Drove to the Homes of Random Fans to Give Them a USB With an Unreleased Song

There’s a reason why ILLENIUM has one of the most diehard fan bases in the electronic music space. This time, however, he’s outdone himself.

According to ILLENIUM Intel, a Twitter fan page dedicated to the superstar producer, ILLENIUM drove to the home of a random fan to give him a USB containing an unreleased song. The flash drive contained a 10-second snippet of a new collaboration with Iann Dior, who featured on 24kGoldn‘s global 3x Platinum hit “Mood.”

ILLENIUM had broken the news of the song’s existence on Tuesday, March 2nd via the popular Clubhouse app, where he hosted a music and technology chat with fellow future bass stars Said the Sky, Dabin, and William Black.

ILLENIUM eventually replied to the fan page’s tweet, confirming the story and revealing that he doled out two additional USBs to fans. “3 usbs are out there to make up a total of 30 seconds,” he wrote. One of those fans went on to share photos of her encounter with the DJ on “Illenium Family (Illenials),” a private Facebook Group.

In another follow-up tweet, ILLENIUM said that he also stashed two more USBs, which contain the song’s lyrics, somewhere in Denver. It seems like he is planning some kind of scavenger hunt, as he said he’ll soon be posting a video that reveals the flash drives’ whereabouts in the coming days.

The ILLENIUM Intel page also shared one of the snippets of ILLENIUM’s collaboration with Iann Dior, which you can listen to below. It’s also worth noting that he has an album on the horizon.



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