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Here is a Painful Video of People Awkwardly Dancing to Vin Diesel’s EDM Song on The Kelly Clarkson Show

Here is a Painful Video of People Awkwardly Dancing to Vin Diesel’s EDM Song on The Kelly Clarkson Show

Science fiction authors have been offering grim outlooks of the future for as long as the genre has existed. Many have told tales of dystopian societies battling worldwide sickness, oppressive government, economic crises, and weaponized artificial intelligence. Unfortunately for us, reality has been far worse than the stories. 

In real-life 2020, we’re facing worldwide sickness, oppressive government, economic crises, weaponized artificial intelligence, and virtual daytime TV studio audiences awkwardly dancing along on webcam to dance music created by a beefy action movie star.

This horror story came to life during an episode of Kelly Clarkson‘s talk show earlier this week. Instead of hosting music from talented and underrepresented up-and-comers deserving of recognition, the show featured a “musical performance” of Vin Diesel‘s new dance track “Feel Like I Do.” Although that in-and-of-itself is pretty meme-worthy, their horrifying use of technology as seen below takes things to the nexXxt level.

No, they didn’t use computers to spy on the public and send our personal data to the highest bidder—that would be way too unrealistic and unbelievable. Instead, these madmen have placed video screens in a studio to subject the daytime TV masses to footage of e-attendees awkwardly swaying along to the song. A bit goofy to watch, but surely this was genuine dancing inspired by sounds of the tropical release and not that of reluctant compliance brought on by a TV producer’s suggestion.

All in all, the video is a crushing reminder of just how awkward classroom or work Zoom calls can be. While this is a sad reality we must face due to the ongoing public health crisis, at least our embarrassing calls aren’t broadcast on TV. 

Those looking to experience Vin Diesel’s moderately-paced and not very furious dance music debut, “Feel Like I Do,” can download or stream the single here.



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