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Fucked Up Share 26-Minute Song “Year of the Horse – Act Two”: Stream

Fucked Up Share 26-Minute Song “Year of the Horse – Act Two”: Stream

Fucked Up have released “Year of the Horse – Act Two”, the second track of the Toronto punk band’s latest EP celebrating the Chinese Zodiac. Stream it via Bandcamp below.

The 26-minute epic is written like a play. It contains seven different scenes starring a cast of more than a dozen characters, which are detailed in the liner notes the band made available on WeTransfer. The song mixes disparate sounds from straightforward punk rock to spaghetti-western to doom metal, and includes guest vocals from singers Tuka Mohammed, Eidolon, and Maegan Brooks Mills.

“Act Two” appears on the four-track EP, Year of the Horse. Fucked Up is dedicating the project to Texas hardcore icons Wade Allison of Iron Age and Riley Gale of Power Trip, both of whom were friends with the group prior to their deaths.

Year of the Horse is a Bandcamp exclusive. Fans who purchase the digital EP will get new tracks as they drop, and the physical release is coming later this year.

Previously in their long-running Zodiac series, Fucked Up have released: 2006’s “Year of the Dog”, 2008’s “Year of the Pig”, 2009’s “Year of the Rat”, 2010’s “Year of the Ox”, 2012’s “Year of the Tiger”, 2014’s “Year of the Dragon”, 2015’s “Year of the Hare”, and 2017’s “Year of the Snake”. The band’s last proper full-length album, Dose Your Dreams, dropped in 2018.

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