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Fright Night and The ‘Burbs Explore Suburban Paranoia

Fright Night and The ‘Burbs Explore Suburban Paranoia

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“I hate cul-de-sacs. There’s only one way out, and the people are kind of weird.”

Something strange is happening in suburbia. There’s an inexplicably creepy house on our street and our new neighbors seem a little weird. One is a devastatingly handsome vampire with the world’s sexiest sweaters, and the others might be … European!!!! Join Jenn, Lara, and Mike as we discuss the inherent alienation of the suburbs and how it feeds paranoia.

What roles do we play in our communities and what happens when we allow ourselves to step out of them? We definitely talk about that amazing disco sweater, but we’ll add a bathrobe into the mix as well worn by America’s Dad, Tom Hanks. So grab your binoculars and holy water, then join us on the cul-de-sac.

“You’re so COOL, Brewster!”

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