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Music Quarantine Diaries: LUVK Quarantine Diaries: LUVK

“Quarantine Diaries” is an editorial series in which invites members of the music community to contribute guest posts about how they’re coping with the pandemic. The goal of the series is to provide a platform for these individuals to share their own experiences and perspectives and ultimately inspire anyone experiencing pitfalls contrived by the impact of COVID-19. The thoughts and viewpoints expressed are those of the author, LUVK.

This time has been scary and beautiful for all of us. So many lessons learned, and I’m so thankful to have a platform like to share my thoughts. We artists are sensitive, and it’s nice to know that someone cares.

Before the world shut down, I was on a high. I was gearing up to release my debut album, and my latest collection from my brand F.O.P (For Our People, For Other People). There was so much momentum leading up to this moment, but the universe pushed us onto a different road. The world was in need of a major healing, but first, we had to acknowledge that we were living with a disease—from COVID, to racism in America.

Luckily, I feel that I had prepared for that moment in 2019, in terms of my spirit and getting in full alignment with my purpose, so much so that I made a covenant with God to fast one day out of the week on Mondays for the whole year of 2020 (no food at all for 24 hours). Almost 10 months in, and I’m still going strong. But this posture made me disciplined mentally. It gave me the strength and faith that I needed for this moment that we are living in right now.

I made an amazing album with VenessaMichaels, who produced the full project. We’ve also released five singles during this pandemic, songs that we felt were necessary for this time. Vibes that live in our feels and some that were super fun.

It’s definitely a trip on extreme fidelity to an idea or an illusion of what we think our lives should be. It’s been very healing for me.

We’re really happy now, and working harder than ever. This Friday, I have my new F.O.P. collection being released via a virtual celebration at Chance Vintage, a store in Studio City, Los Angeles. During the livestream celebration, I’ll be performing my records and we’ll have performances by DJs VenessaMichaels, Kingdom, and Eli Pedraza. Friday’s livestream will also celebrate the release of my new collaboration with VenessaMichaels called “Moment Forever,” and we’ll be showing a sneak peak of the music video.

Anyway! I hope you guys are staying healthy and safe wherever you are in the world.

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