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Beatport Publishes Report Exploring Mental Health and Electronic Music Culture

Beatport Publishes Report Exploring Mental Health and Electronic Music Culture

A new report exploring the correlation between mental health and the culture of electronic music has been published by Beatport.

In collaboration with AFEM, Arigami, Silentmode, and How Mental, Beatport surveyed over 140 artists from around the globe to share their stories in the report, titled “Music Connects Us.” Together, they covered communication and outreach methods, and strategies for changing one’s mindset and controlling emotions.

Among the artists surveyed in the report were Kaskade, LOUISAHHH, Junior Sanchez, Tom Middleton, and Sarah Story, among others. Some of the artists spoke out on their methods for getting their own mental health in check.

“During these times, music became my best friend, the connection I needed to know I wasn’t alone,” said Kaskade. “People ahead of me have felt what I feel.”

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Sarah Story added: “We all put so much pressure on ourselves and have such high expectations, we have to remember that we are not machines and taking time out is not ‘being lazy,’ it’s essential to our creativity.”

“It’s okay to feel hurt, confused, sad, angry, annoyed, frustrated, scared, anxious,” said Junior Sanchez. “That just makes us human. Music has always been the therapy I turn to in my life.”

Tom Middleton also shared his take on the power of music and meditation in tandem, and how combining the two can bring one the benefits of both in order to relieve stress and manage mental health. Aside from being an international performer and member of legendary ambient electronica outfit Global Communication, Middleton is a Co-Chair on the AFEM Health Group, a certified Sleep Science Coach, is trained in Mental Health First Aid, and a creator of science-backed functional music and sounds for mental, physical and emotional health and well-being.

Check out the full Music Connects Us report here

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